Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving and Dieting

These things do not go together! 

Sorry for the absence this week!  I am in the process of a complete relocation, and it's taking more energy than I remembered!

The Hybrid Diet is still the plan, but is not very active right now.  I can say it could be going better.

I'm still determined to get this figured out.  I can honestly say it's really difficult, as so many of you know. 

I have begun to look up gym memberships in my new area.  I will post again as to how the weekend has gone.  Another issue I am having is intermittent Internet.  When it's stormy, I lose my signal! 

Stick with me.  These past couple of weeks have definitely proven it's a journey that does not take place on a flat surface, but rather one that has hills, valleys, flooded out roads, detours, and the occasional bridge to cover the rough path.  I guess I ventured on a detour, but I promise to fight my way back!

1 comment:

  1. You crossed my mind Anne and I just thought I should see how you were getting along. I am looking forward to reading your next entry.
    Have a good week ahead.