Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving and Dieting

These things do not go together! 

Sorry for the absence this week!  I am in the process of a complete relocation, and it's taking more energy than I remembered!

The Hybrid Diet is still the plan, but is not very active right now.  I can say it could be going better.

I'm still determined to get this figured out.  I can honestly say it's really difficult, as so many of you know. 

I have begun to look up gym memberships in my new area.  I will post again as to how the weekend has gone.  Another issue I am having is intermittent Internet.  When it's stormy, I lose my signal! 

Stick with me.  These past couple of weeks have definitely proven it's a journey that does not take place on a flat surface, but rather one that has hills, valleys, flooded out roads, detours, and the occasional bridge to cover the rough path.  I guess I ventured on a detour, but I promise to fight my way back!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hybrid Diet? Dukan and the 17 Day

So, this I know.  I'm having trouble...

I also know that I refuse to give up...

And I know that I am struggling with a summer of restriction (especially fruit).  One of the great people I have connected with through this blog and the experience has decided to follow the 17 Day Diet.  I've seen it in the stores, and I spent some time yesterday morning comparing Dukan with 17 at Barnes and Noble.  There are some similarities, and some key differences.  Namely, fruit and some other "carb" options (black beans, etc.) are allowed. 

So here's what I'm thinking, and let me know what you think.  I have at least 50 lbs. to lose, and I'd like to get quite a bit of that in over the summer.  I think I'm going to combine 17 with Dukan (the pure protein is very hard for me, but there's no denying that it can be a "booster".)  I guess the bottom line is, I'm not looking to be a "purist".  I am truly looking for the best (and a HEALTHY) way to get to a reasonable weight before the end of 2011.  I've given up so many times, and I refuse to give up now.  There are merits to both programs, and I think I could make a life out of taking the best out of both of them.

Tomorrow I will begin the 17 Day first phase.  I may throw a couple days of Dukan attack in there as well.  I will keep reporting on my progress.

As for yesterday's weigh in, well, not pretty.  I'm back to a net of 9 lbs. lost since the beginning.  This is discouraging.  It is.  But that's why I'm recalibrating. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where has my Resolve gone?

Okay, the last few days have been a BUST for me!  And this week hasn't been stellar at all beyond that.  I've had treats from students at every turn, and eventually I caved to a Scotcheroo... I've also had Subway for supper this week, and last night I had a Margarita.  (My lunches have all been on point...I'd like to say the same about breakfast, but, well, there wasn't any this week....)

What I know is that this is the point I would throw in the towel on past diets.  A little success, but a few weeks in, and the resolve vanishes.  But, I am going to get back on track.  It's early in the morning.  I've got my Dukan book, and I'm going to go reread, restock, and try to figure out some recipes that will help sustain me. 

....In the jobs we work, the expectation is 100% at all times, and when things pile up, the only thing we can actually let go of is ourselves, which I did this week.  Balance was not there, and I know that I have to fix that in order for anything close to a sustaining diet will work. 

I'm a work in progress.  The week definitely reminded me that I'm human....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walking "Music"

I just wanted to post really quickly to let you all know about Jillian Michaels free podcasts available on Itunes.  Her show is the Jillian Michaels Show, and there's about 15 episodes available.  I am loving the topics and advice, and listening to the show helps me to put in an hour of walking without really realizing it!  I'm actually off on a walk here shortly.  I hope the week is going well for you all!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I've got the Blahs, and I know it...

The weather was crazy this weekend, and rereading Dukan didn't happen.  It's on this weekend's plan for sure.

This has been a crazy week with school winding down, and I'm sitting in front of a mountain of grading.  Storms are near again, and that means I won't get to go on my walk again tonight (last night was also not a walk night, but I spent quite a bit of time doing some 'manual' labor after work, so I think my activity level was least according to my Bodybugg...but I love my walks!) 

My food has been boring: Eggs, deli meat and veggies (on veggie days), and various chicken and fish combos for supper.  I know I need to fix this, and I'm going to try to come up with some things for the weekend.

On the up side: No pop since Saturday!

What are your favorite recipes?  What gets you over the "blahs"??

Moving forward!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Pop" and Circumstance...

Graduation is a mine field, ladies and gentlemen!  I have several parties to attend, and have already attended several, over the next few weeks.  And people are OFFENDED if you don't eat something!  They don't care how many you have to go, and they don't care if you're on a diet.  They care about how much money they spent on the thing, and how much time they spent making those little mints in the molds, and they want you to enjoy it, darn it!  It's been challenging to say the least!

I am down another 2 lbs. this week (woohoo!), but I was hoping for more.  Graduation may be part of it, although I've been doing my best to navigate those waters.  I think I do need to look at my soda intake, though.

Yes, pop has reentered my life since the beginning of this diet.  Coke Zero to be precise.  I have consumed about 1 can/day since this thing started, and sometimes more (and, I suppose sometimes less...about 6/week).  Now, 1/day may not seem like a lot, depending upon your perspective, but I had largely stopped consuming pop except on rare occasions.  In the month of this diet, I have taken in more cola than I normally would in a year.  It's not that I don't like it, and it wasn't even the health benefit of it when I reduced my was the fact that I was drinking so much water I just didn't have time for it! 

I know I'm drinking zero calorie, and it became immediately necessary to curb my "sweet" craving, but now I need to really reevaluate...tea, maybe?

I'm going to take my book along with me this weekend and re-read.  Now that I'm into the diet, I think the pages will make more sense, and perhaps I can find some new plans. 

No one ever said dieting would be easy.  It's never been in the past, and I've "failed" many times.  But never to fail is never to succeed, and I haven't given up on myself yet.  13 lbs. in a month (with one week of zero change) is nothing for me to belittle! 

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Scale

Sorry for the absence!  I can't believe it's Wednesday already!!

The last few weeks of school are always crazy, and I've had a busy few days.

Last night I had a fantastic salad.  Greens, chicken, was great!  But, the scale isn't moving this week.  I've decided to go a mini-protein phase and not to look at the scale until Saturday's weigh-in. 

Catherine and TC, I hear you on the protein food phases.  I need to get back into the book and reread it this weekend, along with looking for some new recipes.  I am definitely needing to spice things up, or I will find myself burned out. 

On the upside, as I was driving home tonight, I realized that I am no longer feeling "so tired".  I'd been so lethargic, and it was weight-related.  Eating healthier has definitely been allowing me to wake up feeling rested with the normal amount of tired at the end of the day. 

I'm off on a walk soon.  It's a beautiful day here, and I definitely want to pay homage!